A fusion between the eastern philosophy traditions combined with the contemporary modern and clean look that fits the Western world perfectlyand facilitate the strength, focus and support for the person that is wearing the piece


BLACK DAKINI is inspired from the Tibetan mālās (rosary) - and is regarded as auspicious and protective

A dákiní (Indian Sanskrit "Sky Walker") is Tibetan deity representing cutting through the human ego and physical form to facilitate a pure connection with the divine.

Cecilia Hellner, the artist behind BLACK DAKINI started her company after spending time in Kathmandu - do to her practice and studying of Buddhisme. The Tibetan use their malas as a daily "tool" and protection and ready for some prayering.

Every piece of BLACK DAKINI jewellery is uniquely hand made by the artist herself with deep attention and carefully chosen beads.

The hand woven braiding technique used in BLACK DAKINI is a old traditional braiding form used in the East culture for centuries and has become a signature style for BD.